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 It's What We're Made Of

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PostSubject: It's What We're Made Of   It's What We're Made Of EmptyWed Apr 01, 2009 6:15 pm

It’s What We’re Made Of
Emmet, Panda ‘86

Education is not confined to the four walled classroom” is an ancient and passe proverb. But this is still true in our real world, especially in the annals of OZOOMS civilization.

We are born leaders, which does not only mean being the Consul General or an officer in the Grand Council. Even a member of a committee is already equivalent to a leader. For an OZOOMS committee is already likened to an organization in the campus. Each committee has its own projects, e.g. AcadCom has “Zoo 3 Quiz”, “Zoology Curriculum” and “Zooweek”, SocioCom has “Bluestreak” and “Free Med”, MemCom has “Orientation”, SportsCom has “PalaCASan”, PressCom has “Nomenclature” and “Zoologicus”, and many others.

OZOOMS is super-duper-mega-hyperactive org. During those days when I was still in UPLB, aside from the concerts EtonAPOsila sa Los Banos and Raging in Makiling, we still have time for “Nuclear Bawal” photoexhibit depicting pictures of Nagasaki and Hiroshima and the effects of the nuclear bombs to the Japanese people.

The beginnings of “Red Hot and White” band competition in UERM and sponsored by Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity is due to the leadership of its OZOOMS members. Just fresh from UPLB and with experiences in handling Magkasuyo concert by Janno and Regine, the Alphan OZOOMS (or is it OZOOMS Alphan?) lead the way from planning in the drawing board to implementation. My batchmate Don Salud is the one who coined “Red Hot and White”, just like coining the words PalaCASan, WaCASan and BuCASan.

Aba, matindi pala ang ginagawa natin noon sa OZOOMS”, ‘ika nga ni Gudi. “Hindi nga lang tayo nababayaran.

Mayabang ang OZOOMS”, is easily translated as OZOOMS pride. We are proud member of the UPLB Zoological Society. We develop our self-confidence as member of this org. Just imagine, giving solicitations to people and companies. This is already a confidence building training, bordering to kapalmuks. And this trait is the one we carry on after graduation.

We are proud of who we are.

Kaya naman noong makipagkilala ako sa mga alumni noong med student pa lang ako, ang taas-noong sagot nila ay ang pangalan nila at batchname. Pinagsisigawan nilang “OZOOMS ako”.

OZOOMS Believes
OZOOMS is the worst critic ever. After a project, there is the post-evaluation. It can be harsh and can hurt your feelings to the max. After Bull Session in Jel’s at Rhoda’s Subdivision during my time, somebody cried out loud.

But the beauty of it all is to accept criticism and go on with our daily lives. These are just processes to make us a better person.

Furthermore, this could be the reason why other organizations complaining our catcalls during PalaCASan games as too harsh. Well, hindi kasi sila Cord Marine Epoxy. Di sila sintigas ng bakal, di sila sintibay ng semento. Di sila sintatag ng blokeng semento. In other words, hindi kasi sila OZOOMS.

Today, the economy is on the “bear” cycle. But we will carry on. It is normal for us to ride in the undulations of the roller coaster in life. There’s up and there’s down.

OZOOMS is ecstatic after producing major concert, overjoyed after winning a quiz contest, on cloud nine after a win over Symbiosis in PalaCASan baskeball or euphoric after being declared as Champion in the Himigsikan.

Conversely, OZOOMS is clearly depressed when losing the money earned from concert due to some circumstances . . . or severely saddened when we lost a sis to a vehicular accident.

The important thing is that we stand whenever we fall. Life must go on.

We strive for excellence in whatever field we decided to go to. A lot of OZOOMS make it to the list in: Medical Specialties, Academe and Research, Nursing and Other Fields. Glancing those lists, you will be full of pride and will be overwhelmed on how these people endure the hardships and sacrifices.

OZOOMS makes headlines, like Eric Legaspi topping the med boards, Perry Ong getting award as Ten Outstanding Young Men, Luke Madamba winning The Best Inaugural Essay, . . And the list goes on and on and on.

We give our 100% effort in what we do.

OZOOMS Survives
True to Charles Darwin’s principle, we are the fittest.
We endured the initiation process. We surpassed expectations in executing organizational activities. We continue to exist against adversities.

Awesome OZOOMS! We are now thirty years old and we are getting better all the time.

There is OZOOMS in us. Like the mutant Wolverine armored with adamantium in his body. Like a Jedi Knight with high amount of medichlorine in his blood . . .

It’s in our blood. . .

It’s our backbones. . .

And definitely, it’s in our hearts.
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It's What We're Made Of
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